More information about Multazam Hotel Syariah (agoda)

When visiting Solo (Surakarta), you will feel at home while in Multazam Hotel Syariah offering quality accommodation with superb service. Situated only 5 km from the city center, guests are well located to enjoy the city's attractions and activities. Due to its strategic location, this property has easy access to the must-visit destinations in the city.

Multazam Hotel Syariah also offers facilities to maximize your stay in Solo (Surakarta). While staying at this superb property, guests can enjoy 24-hour room service, easy access to wheelchairs, daily cleaning services, taxi service, ticketing services.

Guests can choose from 32 rooms, all of which are equipped with a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere. A children's playground is the ideal place to relax after a day of activities. With its ideal location and facilities, Multazam Hotel Syariah can fulfill various things.

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More information about Multazam Hotel Syariah (agoda)